Barrowcliff School

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'Learning Together Growing Together'

Welcome to Barrowcliff School

Who's Who

School Organisation



Mr M Rogers

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Brazier

Assistant Headteacher (Pupil Attainment)

Mrs A Dixon

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mrs B Marshall

School Business Manager Mrs M Appleby
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs B Marshall
Senior Administrator Mrs M Robert
Administrators Mrs D Beck
Inclusion Officer Miss L Kirby
Pupil Safeguarding & Welfare Officer Ms H Fewtrell
Opportunities Coordinator Mrs L Bairstow
Sports Instructor Mr M Cook
ICT Instructor & Network Manager Mrs S Burke
Senior Midday Supervisors Mrs J Snow, Mrs S Ackroyd
Caretakers Mr J Harvey, Mr J Barley
Cleaner in Charge Mrs E Grinlaw
Cook Mrs D Hill
Busy Bees Manager Mrs S Burke


Classroom Organisation


Early Years Foundation Stage

Teacher: Mrs K Boyes      
Teaching Assistants Miss C Ward      
  Mrs G Binder      
  Miss J Fearn      
  Mr A Lewis      
Class 1 (Reception)        
Teacher Mrs A Dixon      
Teaching Assistants Miss P Lowes      
  Mrs C Barker      
HLTA Mrs D Whilde      

 Key Stage 1

Class 3     Class 4  
Teacher Miss E Pygas   Teacher Miss J Callaghan
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Casey   Teaching Assistant Mr A Hill
Class 5      Class 6  

Miss L Harrison

Mrs S Jaconelli

  Teacher Miss S Conyers
Teaching Assistant Mrs D Brown   Teaching Assistant Mrs J Scales

Key Stage 2

Class 7     Class 8  
Teacher Mr D Hannam   Teacher Mrs V Elgun
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Pacey   Teaching Assistant  Mrs E Livingstone
Class 9     Class 10  
Teacher Miss L Pilkington   Teacher  Mr B Laidler
Teaching Assistant       Miss J Hardisty   Teaching Assistant  Mrs S Thompson
Class 11     Class 12  
Teacher Mr L Kelly   Teacher  Mr J Danby
Teaching Assistant Mrs S Aydemir   Teaching Assistant  Miss K Blenkin
Class 13     Class 14  
Teacher Mrs J Coverdale   Teacher  Mrs S Lukehurst
Teaching Assistant Mrs L Redford   Teaching Assistant  Mrs C Procter

Pupil Support Staff



EMS Staff 

Mrs S Ackroyd Mrs R Amato   Miss T Hughes
Mrs V Burlingham Mrs T Webster   Mrs L Kirby  
Mrs D Hulme     Mrs B Marshall  
Mrs C Vickerman     Mr A McLachlan  
      Mrs J Simpson  
      Mrs S Thompson  
      Mrs R Wackett  

Key Stage 1

Midday Supervisors

Key Stage 2

Midday Supervisors


Busy Bees Staff


Mrs J Snow (Senior)

Mrs S Ackroyd (Senior)


Mrs S Burke (Co-ordinator)

Mrs C Barker Mrs S Aydemir   Mrs S Ackroyd  

Miss J Fearn

Mrs R Amato  

Miss K Blenkin

Mrs A Guy Miss K Blenkin Miss J Hardisty
Miss J Hardisty Mr A Hill   Mrs D Hulme  
Mrs D Hulme Mr A Lewis   Miss L Kirby  
Mrs C Parker Mrs L Redford   Mrs C Vickerman  
Mrs R Porter Mrs C Vickerman   Miss C Ward   

Mrs J Scales

Mrs T Webster     Breakfast Club Staff  
Mrs D Whilde     Mr A Hill (Co-ordinator)  
      Mr M Cook  
      Mrs S Crawford  
      Mrs G Smith