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Welcome to Barrowcliff School

Barrowcliff Opportunities Programme

Barrowcliff School are pleased to be working with Barrowcliff Big Local to deliver the Barrowcliff Opportunities Programme.

Big Local is a National Lottery funded organisation whose vision for Barrowcliff is for it to be a safe, clean and attractive neighbourhood that people are proud of and where everyone has the best possible chances in life. The Opportunities Programme allows our pupils to access activities and experiences that they may not otherwise be able to, to develop skills and confidence and raise their aspirations. Barrowcliff School and Big Local work together to provide a mix of funding and expertise to enable the successful running of the project.

Mission Statement

The mission of Barrowcliff Opportunities Programme is to nurture the development of the whole child – physical, cognitive, emotional, social and perceptual. Through broadening their experiences, knowledge of the world around them and equipping them with skills required, we are developing their aspirations in readiness, for living in a modern Britain.



The partnership with the Barrowcliff Big Local is one we value. At Barrowcliff School education is seen as a pathway to prosperity, where young people get the best start in life, but where lifelong learning is also cherished.

Our aim is to engage parents in their children’s learning and, in providing a range of support for children such as mentoring, ensure they are ready for life in the modern work place. Parents need to understand how the education system works, the choices that are available for their children and, critically, how they can work with school to help their children reach their full potential. We know that most young people value their education and want it to continue to ensure a bright future when they leave school. The barrier for many is realising their ambitions. By working with a range of organisations we hope to widen the children’s and families’ knowledge of services and networks. Although children identified as being Able, Gifted and Talented (AGT) will be targeted, a focus will also be on children with low educational attainment to ensure that the barriers that can get in the way of children achieving ambitions, can be eliminated for all.


Success Criteria

To provide opportunities for children and parents to raise aspirations and remove barriers involved in achieving these ambitions.

For all pupils to have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to widen knowledge of opportunities, both locally and nationally.

For pupils to visit a range of work settings to heighten aspirations for future careers.

Develop young people with the skills they need, to be able to succeed.

To provide opportunities to celebrate children’s new found strengths.

To support all children through a range of diverse and engaging activities.

To further develop transition programmes to ensure children continue to make progress.

Support identified children through a mentoring programme to ensure identified potential is met.