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December Autumn Term 2 Newsletter 2014

Dear Reader


Here we are nearing the end of the Autumn term, with Christmas fast approaching. 

The school theme of World War 1 has proved popular.  The children have been involved in some interesting projects and visits.  A reminder that our themes for the remainder of the academic year will be “Musicals” in the Spring term and “Walk on the Wild side” in the Summer. 

We will continue to keep you informed during the year by way of half termly newsletters and termly class letters. 

As always, if you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us.


Staffing News 

Mr Johnson is currently out of school and will be away until into the New Year.  We wish him well following his surgery. 

Mrs Liz Dyer, who has been working mainly in Y6 since the start of term, will be taking on the role of Deputy Head until Mr Johnson’s return.  We appreciate her support and flexibility. She’s already enjoying her time in school and is settling in well. 

Miss Wilson, Class 8, is still recovering following illness but is hoping to be back in school before Christmas. 

Mrs Thompson, our school cook has moved to take up the same position in another school.  We’d like to thank her for the hard work she’s put in during her 17 years at Barrowcliff and wish her the best of luck in her new school.  Thanks go to the kitchen staff who continue to provide an excellent service while a new cook is appointed.



As you know, as a change to our usual arrangements, we didn’t hold a traditional Harvest Festival with donations of produce.  Instead we held an Autumn Fayre where we raised approximately £400.00.  We made a donation of £100.00 to the Rainbow Centre.


Children in Need 

Thank you to everyone who donated their copper coins to Pudsey.  We raised £293.64, another wonderful effort.  Once again, many thanks for your generosity.


Charity of the Year 

Our school charity remains the British Legion.  We will continue to make donations from our various fund raising efforts over the course of the year.  The Poppy Appeal raised £280.19.


Head Lice 

In order to help in the fight against “head lice”, ALL children with long hair MUST have it tied back when in school. 

Can we please remind all parents to be aware of the problem of head lice and ensure that you check your children on a regular basis.  This is obviously a problem that can affect the whole school. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


KS2 Fruit 

A reminder that KS2 children are able to purchase fruit on a daily basis.  All items are 20p.


 House Points 

The current standings for House Points awarded are:


Parsley                                                 360

Sage                                                      234

Rosemary                                            206

Thyme                                                  355


Bikes & Scooters 

Please be aware that for Health & Safety reasons, bikes and scooters are not allowed to be ridden on school premises. Please make sure that children are supervised closely and not allowed to ride too quickly.  It can really hurt if they crash into somebody. 

Bikes are allowed to be ridden to school ONLY when your child has passed the Bikeability Course.


School Jumpers & Cardigans 

School jumpers and cardigans are available from the School office.  School jumpers are £6.75 and cardigans are £10.00.


School Meals 

Can we remind all parents that all school meals must be paid for in the week that they are taken.  Meals can be paid for daily.  We do not enforce a rule of paying for meals on a weekly basis.  School meals are £2.10 per day. 

The Admin staff will continue to take steps to ensure that meals arrears do not become a problem for parents and school.  Packed lunches will be required until any arrears are cleared.  We would ask for your co-operation, however, in order to keep payments up to date. 

As you are aware meals are free for all KS1 children.  However, if you qualify for Free School Meals, please ensure that your application is kept up to date.


School Start Times 

Can we remind all parents of the school start times: 

KS1                         Classes start at 8.55 a.m.

KS2                         Classes start at 8.50 a.m.

Please ensure that your children arrive at school promptly. We would ask that children in Foundation and KS1 continue to be supervised by parents until the children go into class.


Breakfast Club 

We would remind you of the free Breakfast Club that we are running in school.  The Club starts at 8.15 a.m. and we offer healthy cereals, fruit juice, toast or bagels and jam.  ALL FOR FREE! We have had a very successful start and the children appear to be really enjoying the experience.





We would remind all parents that the only items of jewellery allowed to be worn for school are small stud earrings.  These must be removed for sport or covered with tape.  Please ensure that tape, if used, is provided.


School Website 

We will continue to update the school website on a regular basis with all information relating to the school.  Please make sure you visit the website on


Adventure Playground 

Would parents please be advised that for Health & Safety reasons, the Adventure playground in the KS2 playground is NOT to be used by children at the beginning of the school day.  It is important that children are supervised while using the playground and this cannot be guaranteed at this time of day. 

The gates will be locked and the area must not be accessed by climbing the fence. 

We will inform the children via their Class Teachers but would ask for your co-operation in reinforcing the message from home.  Many thanks.


PE Kit 

Once again, we are requesting your help in ensuring that your child has the required PE kit in school.  Kit should be brought into school on Monday and returned home on Friday. 

Please remember to provide tape to cover that cannot be removed for sport. 

We believe that physical education is an important part of the curriculum.  Through physical activity children will learn about themselves; the importance of a healthy lifestyle; self-expression and concepts of fair play and respect. 

If kit is forgotten 3 times we will send a letter home as a reminder. 

Kit can be very basic in terms of t-shirt and shorts.  If you are experiencing any problems please do not hesitate to contact school. 

We appreciate your help and support


Playtime Equipment 

We are in need of extra resources to use during wet playtimes.  If you have any dolls or DVD’s (U certificate) that you no longer need we would be very grateful if you could donate them to school.


Theatre Visits 


Pantomime at The Spa  - Snow White                                                     Friday 12.12.14 


Stephen Joseph Theatre              - Aladdin                             Y5 & 6                    Friday 5.12.14

                                                                                                Y3 & 4                    Tuesday 9.12.14 

As in previous years, school will cover the cost of transport and a treat.  We would ask, however, for a voluntary contribution of £5 to cover the cost of tickets.


Barrowcliff Park – Design a new welcome sign competition 

Barrowcliff is getting a brand new park – on the play area between Briercliffe and Gildercliffe. The new park will open in spring next year and will contain lots of different play equipment, a sports area and other fun things to do. 

The changes will include two new bright and colourful signs at each end of the park to welcome people and set out the rules for how it should be used. We are running this competition so you can design the new sign and how it will look. The two best entries will be made into the real signs for the park. 


  • Use an A3 piece of paper to draw your design. You can use the paper any way up and you don’t need to make the sign a rectangle – it can be any shape you like as long as it fits on the paper. Fill the paper with the sign design and don’t worry about drawing the sign posts.
  • Include the words “Barrowcliff Park” in your design.

Think about what would make a sign welcoming, friendly, and eye catching perhaps by using bright colours and fun pictures.

  • Think about what type of rules a new park should have to help it be well looked after, for example “Please put your litter in the bin”, and include these if you would like to.
  • Write your name, age and class on the back of the paper. 

If you wish to submit an entry, please bring it into school by MONDAY 8TH DECEMBER.  The entries will then be submitted to the Park Committee for judging. Staffing News