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Welcome to Barrowcliff School

EMS (The Harbour)

The Harbour - Barrowcliff Enhanced Mainstream School (EMS)       

North Yorkshire County Council


Assistant Headteacher: Mrs B Marshall

Ash Grove, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6NJ                                              

Telephone 01723 351767



Barrowcliff Enhanced Mainstream School for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties


Since January 2010, following the restructuring of support services across North Yorkshire, Barrowcliff School has received additional staffing and resources in order to support a community of schools make good provision for children who have additional behavioural, emotional or social needs.


The community of schools that we support extends from Staithes in the north to the schools in Scarborough town and the surrounding villages, some 33 schools in all.


Barrowcliff EMS supports its schools through:

  • Advice and support over the telephone.
  • Outreach teaching support in schools.
  • Temporary and part time inreach teaching provision [where appropriate and agreed] at Barrowcliff in a suite of rooms dedicated to the purpose.
  • Supporting staff to meet the needs of individual pupils in cluster schools.
  • Support to parents/carers to manage their child’s behaviour at home, where behaviour impacts on learning at school.
  • Tuition for pupils with significant illness and/or long term medical needs.
  • Advice and support for staff and pupils in Barrowcliff School.


EMS staffing

  • Teacher in Charge: Ruth Wackett/Tracy Hughes
  • Specialist Teacher: Pam Jenkins
  • Specialist Medical Needs Teacher: Laura Kirby
  • Administration Assistant: Sue Thompson