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Barrowcliff School is taking part in this programme to provide Key Stage 2 pupils with a fun, age-appropriate learning experience, built around the five pillars of the Internet Legends code:

1. Be Internet Sharp and Think Before You Share

Know what's OK to share on the internet and what's not

2. Be Internet Alert and Check it's For Real

Spot the clues for what's real, fake, misleading or a scam online

3. Be Internet Secure and Protect Your Stuff

Learn how to keep information secure and create strong passwords

4. Be Internet Kind and Respect Each Other

Understand what it means to be kind online and respect other people's privacy

5. Be Internet Brave and When in Doubt, Discuss

Ask for help from a parent or trusted adult with tricky situations online


Your involvement at home can really help your child to reinforce these key messages. Try out some fun online safety activities for the whole family


Explore Interland, a free online game for children that makes learning about digital safety exciting