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Our Travelling Books Book Fair was open from Wednesday 27th March to Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - we sold books to the value of £700.80p - thank you for your support


  • The book fair will be open from today, Wednesday 27th March until next Tuesday 2nd April from 3.15pm - 4.15pm. It will also be open for Parents Evening tonight 
  • Children will bring home a mini catalogue 
  • If books are sold out then parents can order copies from the book fair
  • School receive a percentage of the total sales 
  • All children will have a chance to browse the shelves with their teacher:

Wednesday 27th March - Class 11 and 12

Thursday 28th March - Nursery, Class 4, Class 9 and Class 10

Friday 29th March - Reception, Class 3, Class 13 and Class 14

Monday 1st March - Nursery, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7 and Class 8


Also Available to Buy

Payments can be made by cash / cheque or by making a card payment by phone