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May Summer Term 1 Newsletter 2016

Barrowcliff School

Newsletter – May 2016

Dear Reader

We are in the final term of the year and have seen some sunshine already.  We all hope it lasts for the whole of the term! 

As you will be aware, this term the children will be enjoying the theme “Arabian Nights”.  This is helping the school to look as good as it always does with lots of opportunities for art and creative activities to be covered. 

Next week is 'Respect week' in school.  This is being led by a number of different groups and our school council have been involved in the planning of the content. Thanks also to those parents who took the opportunity during our last parent interviews to share their thoughts about what they felt we should cover during this week.


HM Queen Elizabeth II – 90th Birthday Celebrations 

We are planning to hold a special celebration to mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. 

We will be holding our celebrations on Friday 10th June 2016.  The children can come to school dressed in Red, White & Blue.  We will be hosting a Garden Party, to which we will be inviting local dignitaries.  We are planning a picnic lunch for the children, details of which will be sent out nearer the time. 

During the week leading up to the Garden Party the children will be learning about Her Majesty and her role in modern Britain. 

We will be issuing further details of the Garden Party in a separate special edition programme. 

The Garden Party is being funded by “The Big Local” and each child will receive a commemorative coin to celebrate the occasion. 


Barrowcliff Nursery 

We are extremely proud of our Nursery facility, which provides a fun, stimulating and creative environment. 

Places are available from September 2016 onwards and we would encourage you and your friends to obtain an admission form from the school office.


PE Kit/Uniform 

Can we remind all parents that PE kit should be brought into school EVERY Monday and taken home on Friday. 

We are always short of sports kit in school.  If you have any old football boots, shin pads, trainers, shorts etc. we would be very grateful if you could bring them into school. 

We would also be grateful for swimwear, towels etc. now that we have resumed our swimming lessons. 

We would ask that all pupils wear the correct items of school uniform.  School jumpers/cardigans are available to purchase from the school office.  Long hair should be tied up/back. 

Thank you.


Absence for Vomiting 

Please be aware that if your child is absent because of vomiting, he/she must have been clear for 48 hours before returning to school.


Emergency Contact Details 

Can we please remind all parents to inform the school of any changes to Emergency Contact Information as soon as possible? 

It is very important that we are able to contact parents quickly in the case of an emergency.


School Start Times 

This is a reminder of the school start times; 

KS1                         Classes start at 8.55 a.m.

KS2                         Classes start at 8.50 a.m.



Thank you for your co-operation.



We are aiming to achieve 96% attendance in school.  Currently the whole school attendance is 94.6% 

Thank you to all parents and children whose attendance and punctuality has improved.  We hope you will continue to support us in making further improvements. 

If your child is absent, please contact the school before 9.00 a.m. if possible. 

Don’t forget to look at our Attendance Board in the main reception to see your child’s class attendance each week.  We will also show details of which class has won each week. 

The class with the best attendance for the week is presented with a healthy treat in Assembly on Monday morning. 

If you need to speak to someone regarding attendance or punctuality, please contact Helen Fewtrell in the school office.



Can we ask parents to check their child/children for head lice on a regular basis? 

Please help us to stop head lice becoming a major problem in school.  We all rely on each other to do this.



All pupil reports will be sent out to parents during week commencing 11th July.


Year 6 Production – Thursday 21st July 

There will be 2 performances of this year’s Y6 production of “Aladdin Trouble”. 

Performances will take place at 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. 

Further information will be sent out nearer the time.


School Website 

We would remind all parents that the school website is updated on a regular basis with information relating to all aspects of school life.  This includes photographs taken during school trips, performances and in-school activities. 



We would ask all parents to park responsibly when dropping off/collecting children from school.  Please respect the residents who live in close proximity to the school and try not to inconvenience them.  We are aware that enforcement officers will continue to work to increase the safety of our children on a regular basis.


Works to Briercliffe 

We've been made aware that works to the gas mains are scheduled to start on Monday 16th May stretching along Briercliffe from the Children's Centre to the top of the snicket.  Please take extra care around these works and ensure your children are safe. 


European Referendum – Thursday 23rd June 2016 

The school will be used as a Polling Station for the European Referendum taking place on Thursday 23rd June.  Following our work with the council and those in charge of polling, our Governors have decided that school will be closed to all pupils on that day.  We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you but the safety and security of our children is a priority. 

Please take the opportunity to discuss the referendum with your children.  Explain the process of voting and the different views that people may have.


Cross Country Awards

Huge congratulations to Kevin Yates, who has won the award for the overall winner of the Scarborough and District Y6 Boys’ Cross Country competition.  Kevin has consistently performed to a high standard and has beaten a large number of competitors from many of the other 25 schools across the borough. 

Congratulations also go to all those children who have taken part in the various events that have taken place over the past 6 months.  This includes Brooke Webster and Freya Lazenby who joined Kevin in being selected to represent the town at the North Yorkshire Cross Country trials at Dalby Forest last term.



Years 4 & 6 have begun their swimming lessons. 

It is a legal requirement that all primary age children receive swimming lessons and it is our aim that by Year 6 ALL children can swim at least 25 metres. 

If you have any spare towels and boys’/ girls’ swimwear we would be very grateful if it could be donated to school.


Induction Day 

Induction Day will take place on Thursday 7th July.  All children will experience a day in their new classes following registration.  The current Year 6 children will go straight to their secondary schools.  If you think your child will need a specific or different transition plan, please discuss this with their current class teacher who will pass the information on to the correct person in school. 

We'll let you know about new classes in July and about any staffing changes.  This includes Mr Johnson who has been successfully appointed to his first head teaching role beginning in September.  Whilst he'll be really missed, we know he'll do a fantastic job!


End of Term 

School closes at 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday 26th July.  School re-opens at 8.50 a.m. on Tuesday 6th September for children in Reception and Y1-Y6.  

Nursery will start on Monday 12th September. 

Happy Holidays!




9th – 12th             KS2 SATs 

16th – 19th           KS1 SATs 

16th                      Respect Week 

19th                      Y3 Plant Talk 

23rd                      Transfer Documents back to receiving Secondary Schools

                             Playdale Farm Visit - Reception 

27th                      Non-uniform Day – end of half term 



6th                        Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations 

8th                        Y6 Crucial Crew visit – p.m. 

10th                      Garden Party Party    

15th                      Y6 Surfing 

16th                      Y3 Potato Talks 

20th                      Y5 Bikeability                            

23rd                      School Closed – European Referendum 

24th                      French Day 

27th                      Y6 Secondary School meeting – 1.45 p.m. at Barrowcliff for children

                             Reception Sports Day 9.30 a.m. 

28th                      Y3/4 Sports Day 1.20 p.m.

                             New Reception Children Open Evening – 5.30 p.m. 

29th                      Y5-6 Sports Day 

30th                      Scalby School extra transition day

                             KS1 Sports Day – 9.30 a.m. 



7th                        Induction Day 

8th                        Pindar School extra transition day 

11th                      Transition Morning

                             Reports out 

14th                      100% Attendance Trip                            

19th                      Transition Afternoon 

20th                      Y6 Dress Rehearsal “Aladdin Trouble” 

21st                      Y3 Potato Weigh-in

                             Y6 Performance – 2.00 p.m. & 6.00 p.m. – and after show party! 

26th                      End of Term – School closes at 2.30 p.m.