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November Autumn Term 2 Newsletter 2012

Dear Reader

What a great first half term back!  The children are thoroughly enjoying “Through the Butler’s Eyes” – our current theme based on the Victorians. There has been a range of activities and visits:

Castle Howard

Grand Hotel

Art Gallery

South Cliff Gardens

May I take this opportunity to let you know that the staff at Castle Howard congratulated us on our pupils and stated they were the best school party they had ever had! The main corridor shows a range of work by KS1 & KS2, whilst the other display boards around school have been made to look like Victorian shop fronts.  Year 5’s sweets look very edible! Thank you for all your support in bringing a wide range of objects in and creating some wonderful costumes for the children to wear. Many of you have seen the outstanding photographs of the children dressed in Victorian costumes.  These will be available later in the term. 


Harvest Festival

May I express my thanks at the generosity you showed for the Harvest Collection this year. The Rainbow Centre was very grateful for the donations to their work within the community.


Children in Need – Friday 16.11.12

We know we have just had a themed day. Sorry!  However, as usual, if your child wishes to dress up – any costume/any theme!  Some classes have chosen Superheroes/Wild West.  Please feel free to choose any theme, including Spots & Stripes, (no pyjamas or slippers!) with the usual contribution of 30p.


Absence for Vomiting

Please be aware that if your child is absent because of vomiting,  he/she must have been clear for 48 hours before returning to school.


Emergency Contact Details

Can we please remind all parents to inform the school office of any changes to Emergency Contact Information as soon as possible. It is very important that we are able to contact parents quickly in the case of an emergency.


Nursery & Reception Children

If you have a child in Nursery or Reception you will be aware that each day “Teddy” has a question. Please read these and have a chat with your child.


Y6 Request – Shoe Boxes

As part of their topic week, the Y6 pupils are in need of shoe boxes.  If you have any please bring them into school. Thank you.



If you have any old “dressing up” clothes, i.e. bridesmaid dresses, jewellery, pieces of fabric, could you please bring them into school? Thank you.


PE Kit

We are always short of sports kit in school.  If you have any old football boots, shin pads, trainers, shorts etc. we would be very grateful if you could bring them into school. Thank you.



Book Fair

Tuesday 27.11.12

On Tuesday 27th November, Mrs Vickerman will be hosting another Bookfair in the School Hall. Our prices, as always, are very low as we do not make a profit – we want the children to read as much as possible for enjoyment. Parents are welcome to attend and buy books when their child’s class goes in and a timetable is listed below.

9.05 am – 9.30 am         Class 13

9.30 am -  9.55 am         Class 14

9.55 am – 10.20 am       Class 11

10.20 am – 10.45 am     Class 12

10.45 am -  11.10 am     Class 9

11.10 am – 11.35 am     Class 10

11.35 am – 12.00 pm     Class 7

12.00 pm – 12.25 pm     Class 8

1.15 pm – 1.45 pm         Class 3

1.45 pm – 2.15 pm         Class 4

2.15 pm – 2.45 pm         Class 5

2.45 pm – 3.15 pm         Class 6

The Bookfair will continue after school until 4.00 p.m.


Christmas Fair

Thursday 6.12.12

The Christmas Fair on the 6th December will also follow the school theme of Victorians.  I hope you will be able to support us. Further details will be sent out separately in the near future.



Y6 children will start swimming on Tuesdays after Christmas. Further information will be sent our directly with Y6 children.


School Start Times


Can we remind all parents of the school start times.

KS1      Classes start at 8.55 a.m.

KS2      Classes start at 8.50 a.m.

Can you please ensure that your child/children arrive at school promptly. Thank you for your help.



Can we remind all parents that the only items of jewellery allowed to be worn for school are small stud earrings.  These must be removed for sport or covered with tape. Please ensure that tape is provided.


Adventure Playground

We would remind parents that for Health & Safety reasons, the Adventure Playground in the KS2 playground is NOT to be used by children at the beginning or end  of the school day.  It is important that children are supervised while using the playground and this cannot be guaranteed at this time of day. The gates will be locked and the area must not be accessed by climbing the fence. We will inform the children via their Class Teachers but would ask for your co-operation in reinforcing the message from home. Many thanks.



Theatre Visit

10th & 11th December

This year our KS2 children will be visiting the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see the production of Cinderella.

Y4 & 6              Monday 10.12.12

Y3 & 5              Tuesday 11.12.12

Full details will be sent out in the near future and we would advise you that we will be requesting a voluntary contribution of £6.00 towards the cost. Thank you.


Christmas Parties

Parties will take place as follows:

Y5         17.12.12 @ 1.15 p.m.

Y4         18.12.12 @ 1.15 p.m.

Y3         19.12.12 @ 1.15 pm

EYFS     19.12.12 – Magic Mike Show @

             1.15 pm

Y6        19.12.12 – To be confirmed

KS1      20.12.12 @ 1.15 pm

Children can get changed into party clothes at lunchtime on the day.


Box Tops

Please be aware that we are collecting the Box Top vouchers from Nestle cereal boxes. A collection box will be available on the main Reception Desk. Thank you.