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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) plays a vital role across the whole curriculum and is developed through the SEAL program. Children learn to develop responsibility for their own personal hygiene, health and safety. In Year 6, sex education lessons develop respect for others and understanding of changes in their own bodies. Children are taught how to become good citizens, both within school (e.g. the School Council) and in the wider community.


Whole School themes for each term:


Theme 1 - New beginnings  (September/October)

Theme 2 - Getting on and falling out (November/December) 

Theme 3 - Say no to Bullying (An assembly and teaching ideas for the shorter (one to two week) theme)

Theme 4- Going for Goals! (January/February)

Theme 5 - Good to be me (February/March)

Theme 6- Relationships (April/May) 

Theme 7 - Changes (June/July) 


What are the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning?

The underpinning qualities and skills that help us manage life and learning effectively.

There are five social and emotional aspects of learning :

*self- awareness

*managing feelings



*social skills


Why is it important to develop these aspects of learning in the primary curriculum?

*They underlie almost every aspect of our lives.

*They enable us to be effective learners.

*They enable us to get on with other people. 

*They enable us to be responsible citizens.


What are the principles of effective SEAL programmes?

*They have a whole-school approach. 

*They build on the good work the school is already doing and adapt to fit in with the school’s own unique character. 

*The skills and attitudes are demonstrated by all staff through the way they relate to children and through the teaching styles they use.