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Welcome to Barrowcliff School

Complaints Procedure

If you have reason to complain about part of your child’s education or the action of another adult then please follow the procedures outlined below.


The headteacher should be informed in all instances of a complaint being made. The head will attempt to solve the problem and all concerned parties will be kept informed of developments.


Complaints about the curriculum and collective worship

*  Contact Mr M Rogers, Headteacher, with complaint in writing.

*  If not resolved the governors consider the complaint.  Contact - Clerk to Governors, at the school.

*  If not resolved the LEA considers the complaint.  Contact Mr J Fairburn at County Hall, Northallerton. DL7 8AE.


Other complaints

The school has a policy on pupil discipline.


The school special educational needs policy is clearly set out and is regularly evaluated by the Pupil and Parent Services.  In the event of a complaint not being resolved by the Special Educational Needs co-ordinator (Mrs Stephenson) or the head the LEA would become involved.


The role of the Secretary of State

Anyone can complain to the Secretary of State if they feel that the governors have acted unreasonably or are not carrying out their duties correctly.  A detailed complaints procedure is available in school.  Please ask Mr Rogers.