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Children's Work

Autumn Term 2021

Year 1: Anti-Bullying


Year 1 have been learning about how we are all different and that sometimes people are bullied because of this, they thought of ideas of what they could do to prevent bullying.

Year 2: Friendship Tokens

Year 2 made friendship tokens to show how we can be a good friend to everyone, even if they are different to us.

Year 3: Helping a new friend

We had some new children from Afghanistan join our school. Year 3 thought of ways we can make our new friends feel welcome.

Year 4: Anti-Bullying Week

Year 4 made posters to celebrate anti-bullying week, the theme was ‘One Kind Word’. Children made posters to help prevent bullying from happening. Year 4 also learnt about Martin Luther King to celebrate Black History Month

Year 5: Rights and Responsibilities

Year 5 have been learning about what rights people have.

Year 6: Disabilities

Year 6 have been learning about disabilities. They chose a famous person to research to find out how they have been  successful despite having a disability.