Barrowcliff School

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'Learning Together Growing Together'

Welcome to Barrowcliff School

Our Staff

We are very proud to have such a talented and dedicated team of staff, both teaching and support, to help your child make the most of every opportunity in school.


Mr M Rogers

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Brazier

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mrs B Marshall

Assistant Headteacher (Assessment Lead)

Mrs A Dixon

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs B Marshall

School Business Manager

Mrs M Appleby


Mrs M Robert, Mrs D Beck

Attendance & Safeguarding Officer

Miss L Kirby


Mr J Harvey







Mrs K Boyes



Teaching Assistants

Miss C Ward

Mrs G Binder











Mrs A Dixon

Mrs S Jaconelli

Mrs L Bairstow

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Whilde

Miss P Lowes

Mrs C Vickerman


Mrs S Pacey




KS1 (Year 1 & Year 2)


Miss J Callaghan

Miss S Conyers

Miss L Fullerton

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Brown

Mrs J Scales

Miss S Noble





Lower KS2 (Year 3 & Year 4)


Mrs V Elgun

Miss R Matson

Mrs L Jordan

Miss L Harrison

Mr B Laidler     

Mrs S Meade   

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Parker

Mrs E Livingstone

Mrs S Thompson





Upper KS2 (Year 5 & Year 6)


Mr D Hannam

Mr J Danby

Mrs J Coverdale

Mrs S Lukehurst

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Aydemir

Miss K Blenkin

Mrs L Redford

Mrs C Proctor





HLTA/Cover Staff      
Mrs S Ackroyd Mrs V Burlingham    

SEN Support Staff




Mrs R Amato

Miss C Barker

Mrs S Burke

Mr A Hill

Mrs D Hulme

Miss N Keech

Mrs C Parker


Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs S Ackroyd Mrs S Crawford Mr A Hill (Co-ordinator) Mrs G Smith
Midday Supervisors      
Mrs S Ackroyd (Senior) Mrs R Amato Miss C Barker Miss K Blenkin
Mrs D Brown Mrs S Burke Mr A Hill Mrs D Hulme
Miss P Lowes Miss S Noble Mrs S Pacey Mrs C Parker
Mrs R Porter Mrs L Redford Mrs J Scales Mrs J Snow (Senior)
Mrs C Vickerman Mrs T Webster Mrs D Whilde  
Busy Bees Before & After School Club Staff
Mrs S Ackroyd Miss K Blenkin Mrs S Burke (Co-ordinator) Mrs D Hulme
Miss L Kirby Mrs C Vickerman Miss C Ward  
Catering Staff      
Mrs S Crawford Mrs D Hill (Cook) Mrs J Shepherdson Mrs G Smith
Mrs S Webster Mrs M Willis (Asst Cook)    
Cleaning Staff      
Mrs H Carr Miss A Crane Mrs E Grinlaw (Senior) Mrs L Hunter
Mrs J Ingle Mrs C Sheppard