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Class 8

Egyptian Amulets

We finally finished painting the Egyptian amulets we made from clay at the end of the Autumn term!

Making Instruments

We made our own stringed instruments in Design and Technology, linked to our science topic about Sound. We even managed to make the different strings of our instruments make different pitched notes!

Investigating how sound travels

We have been investigating how sound travels through different media; solids, liquids and gases. We made ‘cup phones’ connected with string and coat hanger ‘earrings’. We also listened to different sounds through water balloons and our wooden desks.

Making Easter Rock Cakes

We have been busy making Easter Rock Cakes!  We are using the baking as a stimulus for our instruction writing over the next few days.

20 Books Award

Amelia in Class 8 has read 20 books and received her 20 reading books sticker.  Well done Amelia!

100 Books Award

Bethany from Class 8 has read over 100 books since September and over lockdown, so has earned her 50 books badge AND has been able to choose her own book that school has bought for her to keep.

Well done Bethany!

Changing the state of chocolate - 16th March 2021

In Science, we have been investigating how we could change the state of chocolate from a solid to a liquid. We made careful observations over time with different temperatures of water.

Egyptian Papyrus Paper and Hieroglyphics - 23rd November 2020

We made our own Egyptian papyrus paper and wrote our names in hieroglyphics!

Making Electrical Circuits - 10th November 2020

The children experimented with different components to make electrical circuits. We looked at the effect of using more than 1 lightbulb and more than one battery.

Building Habitats - 13th October 2020