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We believe that every child should leave Barrowcliff School being able to read fluently. To achieve this, we must ensure that all children reach age-related expectations not just at the end of every year, but at the end of every term. We regularly assess reading and ensure that children not meeting age-related are supported and make accelerated progress.


How we teach Reading:

In Nursery, children learn phonic sounds and in the Summer Term start the Read Write Inc programme. Following the completion of the Read Write Inc Programme in EYFS and Key Stage 1, children take part in whole class reading sessions which offer a range of teaching approaches to promote reading for pleasure and meaning in the classroom.


The classroom literacy environment encourages the role of reading aloud, booktalk, reading journals, role play and drama, readers theatre, use of visual images, mapping and many other approaches. Children will learn the key reading skills of predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. This leads into children developing comprehension skills through a variety of different texts. We use texts recommended for each year group from the Power of Reading and Pie Corbett's Reading Spine. Wherever possible, texts are linked to the termly topic, to enable children to use the vocabulary and ideas in writing opportunities.


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How we teach Phonics

From Nursery, to the end of Year 2, we teach phonics on a daily basis.


  • A phonics assessment will be undertaken on arrival.
  • From this assessment, children are divided into groups to focus on aspects / ability.
  • Daily group approach of approximately 10 minutes - depending on the aspect being covered and the ability of children.
  • Planning is drawn from Letters & Sounds.
  • Phonics sessions are planned - with an introduction, main session and 'apply section'.
  • Children will begin Read Write Inc phonics sessions during the Summer Term of Nursery.

Reception to Year 2:

  • From Reception to Year 2 children will be assessed and grouped for Read Write Inc.
  • Read Write Inc is taught daily for 1 hour each morning. Each session incorporates phonics, reading, spelling, handwriting and longer writing opportunities.

We follow the Read Write Inc programme from EYFS to Year 2. This programme enables children to progress in phonics, reading, writing and spelling. 


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Children are offered daily writing opportunities through play-based topic learning. Children are exposed to a rich diet of storytelling and role play taken from the Pie Corbett ‘Talk for Writing’ ideas.


How we teach Writing:

  • Reception to Year 2. Children are offered daily writing opportunities through the Read Write Inc programme.
  • From Year 2 to Year 4 children will use the principles of Talk for Writing by Pie Corbett. Children have a new topic each term and are challenged to write for a range of purposes and audiences. We also use our whole class reads to generate a range of purposeful writing opportunities and extended writing.
  • Year 5 and Year 6 will use whole class texts as a stimulus for writing. All texts are linked to the termly topics (see link in curriculum for each year group).

Spelling and Grammar

At Barrowcliff we teach grammar based on the objectives from the National Curriculum for each year group. We teach grammar and spelling within our writing sessions to make it more purposeful and to use the grammar in context. However, teachers sometimes have stand-alone grammar lessons using the ‘No Nonsense Grammar and Spelling’ schemes.